Gurukul Campus is one of the most progressive educational institutions in Agra and India as well. Gurukul Campus is providing effective education as per the needs of students. The Salient features of the institutions can be summarized in the following points:


  1. Gurukul Campus firmly believes in job providing education with deep knowledge and attempts to provide a unique opportunity for the optimum development of students through using the appropriate methods of teaching.
  2. In order to ensure that every student get proper and systematic education through trained teachers, we have appointed the best of teachers from all over India.
  3. No doubt the teachers who are teaching in our institute are expert and full of knowledge to remove any doubt in any topic.
  4. A close link and contact is maintained with the students to ensure whole hearted involvement in class room session to get their best result.
  5. The teachers and the employees of centres are highly qualified and expert in their fields.
  6. Gurukul Campus supports direct communications with the students and their parents by providing SMS service or other means of communication.
  7. We organize weekly speed tests on each and every topic that is completed at the end of week and provide result with ranking so that the students may examine their progress.
  8. V.D. on every subject is also available for the students with solutions of the tests so that they may study at their home after classes.
  9. Library and Computer Lab facilities are also available for the students.
  10. Debate and other curricular activities are organized time to time at the campus.